the box score says it all

There is not a ton to say about last night’s romp by the Yankees over the Indians – the box score says it all.

Oh never mind – here’s a bunch of crap I’d like to talk about for a sec:

AJ Burnett threw 6.1 innings of no run ball with 7 Ks.  The Indians offense isn’t exactly equivalent to the Red Sox, but after Burnett’s June, I’m more than pleased with this outing.

Fausto Carmona took a beating at the hands of the Yankee offense and say his ERA bloom from 3.51 to 3.92; I guess 7 ER in 2.2 IP will do that.  Carmona is a great pitcher, but I missed the beginning of the game, so I don’t know what went wrong – my guess is he was up in the zone.

Joba Chamberlain had a perfect .2 IP outing.  I think this demotion away from the pressure of the 8th inning is just what he needs; the break from the stress, and the kick in the butt of losing his job will right his ship.

A-Rod didn’t hit his homer, so he’ll go for number 600 again tonight.  I’m sure no one wants this over with more than A-Rod, but I’m sick of everybody saying, “He failed to hit his homer again.”  The guy was 2-5 with an RBI.  Sure, he left 5 runners on base, but it’s not like he’s slumping.  I just can’t get over the A-Rod phenomenon:  he’s a MLB player with all the talent and money in the world and half the time, I feel sorry for the guy.

I always felt he would, but now that Mark Teixeira has turned the corner (two more RBI last night on 2 hits, his average is up to .262), I can’ t help but be amazed.  I always rationalized that Teix would come around, even if he didn’t have a great year, he’d still have a good one – because the alternative was – well, I don’t know what it was.  He’s not, he’s not hurt, and he doesn’t seem to have lost his mind, so I figured it was only a matter of time, and it was.

I just noticed last night when the game was coming on the radio that John Sterling is a bit greedy with his Teix home run call; he’s got two for him:  “Mark sends a Teix message!  Oh Teixeira, You’re really on the Mark!”  Does anybody else have two?  If Metallica is the master of puppets, surely John Sterling is the master of puns.

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  1. “Carmona is a great pitcher, but I missed the beginning of the game, so I don’t know what went wrong – my guess is he was up in the zone.”

    I don’t know I’d call him great. Carmona had one great year with the Indians back on 07. Since then he’s been very suspect, to say the least. While he has certainly improved this year overall, he’s also been prone to a few meltdowns. His problem last night was command. He was struggling to hit the zone although and when he was the Yanks were pounding his pitches. He seemed to lack deception on a lot of his pitches.

    • oh so does he throw a pretty straight 4 seam fastball rather than a 2 seamer with some movement? does he have a cutter? if you’re going to throw the 4 seamer, you better put it where you want it! I guess I should have said Camona is having a great year – or rather, a great first half? I think that’s fair.

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