Girardi goes to B relievers after rain delay

Once Joe Girardi found out how long the rain delay was going to be (over two hours), I guess he made a decision. It must have been the kind of decision he’s been making a lot during this month of September, and that’s been the decision to protect the relievers he needs in the playoffs.

After AJ Burnett lost the rest of his start to the elements, Girardi wasted no time showing the Rays and Yankees fans that his bullpen was going to be protected today. Royce Ring took the mound for an inning and two thirds and surrendered a run. Next up was Dustin Moseley, who pitched an inning and a third and gave up one run. Moseley made way for Chad Gaudin, who promptly destroyed any hopes the Yankees had of winning the game by giving up 2 home runs in an inning and two thirds. Jonathon Albaladejo finished the night over an inning and a third and surrendered a run while walking three and striking out two. (I just don’t get Albaladejo; he has good stuff, but he can’t put it all together.)

What do all of those Yankees relievers have in common? None of them will be on the playoff roster. Not one. Once he lost his starter to the rain, Girardi decided that either these guys were going to do it, or they were going to lose the game. That’s it. It was a close game until the 7th, when Gaudin had his misadventure of serving off long balls into the night, but then, down by only 1 run to your division rival (suck it, Red Sox), I would think that under normal circumstances, you’d put in a higher quality reliever than Gaudin, but not this time.It might not have been the rain that effected Girardi’s decision after all; I believe he has a rule about relievers pitching two days in a row and then getting two days off, so a better reliever than Gaudin might not have been available last night.

Tonight, the Yankees should have a full complement of their best relievers available, but with CC Sabathia starting (against David Price), the Yankees might not need many relievers. This is also a rare opportunity for the Yankees to win a four game series; I feel like these four game sets usually get split. The last time Sabathia and Price matched up, it was an epic battle – hopefully the Yankees will come out on top this time.

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  1. I believe Joe Girardi is over thinking the pitching staff, he is making poor choices with his starters by leaving them in when there are sure signs they are struggling. How many runs have to scored in order for Girardi to figure it out? We have lost too many recent games by his poor judgement on not making proactive calls sooner…..Burnett is a perfect example, I believe most Yankee fans can agree that here of late we pretty much know the game he pitches is a loss. What has Burnett truly done to rectify his horrible performance? He keeps saying that he doesn’t want to think about the last loss and move forward, seriously? Really? What a lousy statement to make to Yankee fans, reporters, and your team mates, actions speak louder than words the proof is in the pudding and I have seen no signs of improvement at all. How much more can Girardi pile on his starters, the lack of good judgement has to be just as frustrating to them. Help give them some breathing room by making decisions to remove pitchers that are struggling before the next grand slam is hit, we are in a tight pennant chase where we don’t have breathing room. Get with the program Joe!

    • First off, thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it!

      We’re of two minds on our understandings of Girardi’s strategy with the pitchers. I think that Girardi is/was using the Yankees playoff berth lead to give his players a chance to work out their problems on the mound. It’s not like they could send Burnett down to the minors, and they’ve made a sizable financial investment in him: the best business decision and baseball decision is to get Burnett pitching well, and he can’t do that on the bench. No matter what the Yankees say publicly, it’s clear they were never that interested in winning the division – and giving Tampa Bay’s relatively easy September schedule as opposed to their difficult one, they might have supposed that they weren’t going to win the division anyway – no sense going into October exhausted. That’s my theory, anyway.

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