Wallace Matthews: “Derek Jeter is a Liberal Spendocrat who believes in Climate Change”

derek-jeter-captain-planetOh, was that how he phrased it?  Right, I remember now – he called Jeter Captain Planet.

Tomato, to-mat-oh.

The Worldwide Leader’s Wallace Matthews caught Jeter red-handed in a post he titles Captain Planet: Jeter on climate change.  The following Jeter quote is from his appearance at the World Economic Forum… in Switerland… where he spoke to a reporter from another publication.  (Obviously, Wally can’t do any of his own reporting or write more than 250 words.)

“I was in New York for Hurricane Sandy,” Jeter told The Dispatch. “It’s just something that’s gotten so much attention. Regardless of how you feel about it, it’s something that needs to be addressed because we’re seeing more and more natural disasters each year, it seems like. Something has to be causing it.”

Whoa Derek, settle down there!

Jeter sounds like some sort of crazy liberal pinko commie.  He might as well be Al Gore at this point.  Next thing you know, Jeter will be organizing screenings of An Inconvenient Truth on the jumbo-tron at Yankee Stadium.

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