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bomber_banter_on_twitterBomberBanter.com is a New York Yankees blog. Rather than a news source for the Yankees, its more of a analytical and satirical look at my favorite team by me, Jamie Insalaco.  Occasionally, I like to ad a silly photoshop to my posts.  I love going to games and taking pictures, so you’ll find a fair amount of photos, particularly in the Yankee Stadium section.  I’ve been a Yankees fan since I moved to the greater NYC area in 1986, when my mom explained to me that unlike Orlando, New York City has sports teams (this is pre Magic) and the sports teams we root for are the Yankees, Giants, Knicks and Rangers.  Period.  Overnight, I was a Yankee fan.  In 1987, I experienced my first baseball season.  Remember how the Yankees did that year? They finished fourth in the east, and the Yankees pretty much  stunk bomber_banter_on_facebookuntil until 1993.  In 1994, the Yankees were setting the world on fire with a 70-43 record… until they canceled the season due to the strike.  In my mind, I’d been waiting since 1987 for what I’d been hearing about – the Yankees were the best team in sports.  Since the 1986 through 1992 teams were all kinda shizzy, I had plenty of time to hear about the glory days and who powered them:  Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Murders’ Row, Joe DiMaggio, the 1950s, the 1960s, Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra and Roger Maris just to name a few.  It was crazy:  how could they cancel the season?  It had to be a conspiracy:  the Yankees finally had a team of destiny that I could witness with my own waking eyes, but whoops – season canceled.  I was so naive – as a teenager, I hadn’t heard of Cubs fans yet.  As we all know, Yankees fans everywhere have had their faith rewarded.  Since 1995 to date (Dec 2010), the Yankees have only missed the playoffs once.  It’s pretty incredible when you look at it like that.

This blog is a labor of love as well as one of cathartic therapy.  I’ve been to over one hundred games, taken thousands of pictures and who knows how many zillions of hours watching on TV and listening to radio, and sometimes, when I start to take things a bit too seriously, it’s great to come here and get it all off my chest.  I’m finding it works for the New York Football Giants, too, so I’m giving that a try as well.  But come hell or World Series, I’m hear, dropping… (What do the kids call it?  Truth Bombs?) uhm…  my perspective on the matters at hand.  Feel free to drop some comments – I look forward to arguing with you!

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Thanks for dropping by!

~Jamie Insalaco


jamie insalaco at yankee stadium

jamie insalaco at yankee stadium

PS:  I also author CreativeJamie.com.  Word.

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