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Privacy Policy For BomberBanter.com

BomberBanter.com features links or references to other web sites (especially Baseball-Reference.com), but neither Jamie Insalaco nor BomberBanter.com bears any responsibility for the content available at other webs sites and is not liable for any damages or injury arising from aforementioned content on third party websites. Any links posted on BomberBanter.com are provided merely for reference or convenience to content on BomberBanter.com and are not necessarily meant to be clicked on.

BomberBanter.com is hosted by WordPress.com; this doesn’t mean that they’re responsible for the content on BomberBanter.com in any way, but this is where the site is hosted.  I tell you that to tell you this:

When commenting on a post at BomberBanter.com, the name and email address you submit are logged,including your IP Address.  I certainly don’t do anything with this information, and as far as I know, neither does WordPress.  Read the WordPress (Automattic) Privacy Policy here.

Thanks for dropping by!  Go Yankees!

~Jamie Insalaco

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