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Let’s Go Rangers!


If you are a New York sports fan with a family that has a Bronx/Manhattan background, then odds are your favorite sports teams were handed down to you as follows:  New York Giants, Yankees, Rangers and Knicks.  For me, the psst two tend to get lost in the shuffle for several reasons:

1.  The baseball season is long and exhausting
2.  Over the last ten years, the Knicks have been pretty stinky (but at least there is hope now)
3. The basketball and hockey seasons are also long and get a little sports fatigued
4.  The basketball and hockey playoffs are crazy long!  I love that they are all best of seven, but it’s one round to many because they let too many teams in

Still, I very much would like to see the Rangers win another Stanley Cup, and this might be the year.  Hopefully, they can recover from the overtime loss and get back to business.

Let’s Go Rangers!


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