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Verizon gets to say "Super Bowl"

As you’ll notice every year when the Super Bowl rolls around, advertisements will mention the "Big Game" and not specifically the Super Bowl. This is everywhere – even the highway traffic signs in the greater New York Area (where the 2014 Super Bowl is hosted, ya’ll!) aren’t allowed to say Super Bowl. But, apparently, Verizon is. I guess Verizon and the NFL are cozy. Not a big deal, just the first time I’ve seen a corporation (that’s not Pepsi, at least) mentioned in the same proverbial breath as the the Super Bowl.

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Yankee Stadium Beer Prices

In case you’re wondering how much two imported beers cost at Yankee Stadium in 2009…  well, now you know.   Don’t ask me why I saved this receipt.

Understanding Why The Red Hot Chili Peppers Were Added To The Bruno Mars Super Bowl Halftime Show

Initially, Super Bowl 2014 (yeah, the Roman Numerals can suck it – I’m calling the Super Bowl by year now) would feature a halftime performance by Bruno Mars, but apparently, folks complained and those involved caved to the pressure. Now, the animated corpses of The Red Hot Chili Peppers will join Bruno Mars on stage because this is big business. Let’s break it down!

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Two Reasons why A-Rod's suspension is important to Yankee fans

Alex Rodriguez has been suspended for what is effectively a year; 162 games and the 2014 playoffs. Both myself and anyone even remotely interested has written about this ad nauseum, so I’ll just assume you’re up to date on the drama and info (or rather, the lack of info) and are sick of the topic from that standpoint. But, no matter how tired we are of this situation, it still matters. Here are two reasons why A-Rod’s suspension is important to Yankee fans:

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The perfect gift for a Yankees or Giants fan


The Christmas posts are usually reserved for my other site, CreativeJamie.com. These ornaments, however, seemed more appropriate for this space. I just don’t know what to make of these. I’m sure there is a cross-section of people in the world who like high heeled shoes as much as they like the New York Yankees and the New York Giants, but whoever thought they’d get their ornaments? And yet, they did.
They did.

Yankees 2013 Christmas Wish List

Once you actually look at what the Yankees need in a list format – well, it’s daunting to say the least! Getting everything they need while meeting their payroll goal just doesn’t seem likely.

Jay Z is pitching Robinson Cano to the Mets because… I dunno

According to numerous reports, Jay Z met with New York Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon, general manager Sandy Alderson and assistant GM John Ricco to discuss current unrestricted free-agent Robinson Cano, because… uhm… actually, I have no idea why this meeting occurred.

I get that the Mets are not exactly tight at second base, but their financial issues have been well documented – as well documented at the $300 million/10 year deal Jay Z is seeking for Cano. When you couple these two things together, it’s hard to understand why Jay Z would initiate a dinner meeting with the Mets and then pitch Cano to them. Here is an example of the Mets current frugal-ness:

The Mets have been on austerity for years. The largest contract Alderson has handed out to a free agent in four offseasons as the Mets’ general manager was to Frank Francisco, who received a two-year, $12 million contract during the 2011-12 offseason.

Now, you may counter that since this meeting was promptly leaked to the press – and not leaked by the Mets, mind you – it’s easy to start putting two and two together and calculate that Jay Z is trying to create urgency in the marketplace for his client. This seems like a fine strategy… if Jay Z was meeting with the deep pocketed Dodgers, not the bargain basement retreads, we’re seeking a partner to sell part of the team to, thank god our rookie pitching is working out Mets. This gives off the appearance that Jay Z is not aware of the realities around the league. Oh, and speaking of realities around the league, the Dodgers have publicly stated that they have no interest in signing Cano.

It’s not unusual for the free agent market to take this long to take shape – things don’t usually start happening until during or after MLB’s winter meetings, but so far, I’m not sure I understand Jay Z’s strategy… or his new single, for that matter.

Yankees worth makes 2014 austerity plan baffling

A recent Forbes article states that the Yankees are worth over $2 billion dollars, making them the most valuable team in baseball. $2 billion plus? That’s a spicy baseball.

Any conversation about the Yankees and money is always gonna lead us back to $189 (that is, the Yankees planned 2014 payroll austerity measure, which will keep them below the luxury tax threshold) – it’s inevitable. I do get the idea that the Yankees don’t want to spend extra money that doesn’t necessarily benefit them on the field, but those are the luxury tax rules. I can remember watching games on channel 11 in the late 80s and the stadium looking empty because the team wasn’t winning… that seemed like a red flag and somewhat similar to the 2013 season attendance issues. (Although it seems that attendance is down all over baseball.) I guess it all comes down to what the bigger source of revenue is – and if their TV deals are all sewn up for years to come, then it would seem they’re getting most of their earnings from ticket sales, other in stadium sales and so forth, so, the best way to increase the team’s earning power would be to put a winning product on the field, because paying fans go to watch winning teams. Without knowing all of the figures, it’s hard to get an understanding of the team’s actual net income, but I am confused why a multi billion dollar franchise is plotting to save a few million in luxury task fees that seems to cost them even more in future revenue.

After all, who wants to pay to see the animated corpses of Vernon Wells and Ichiro? I don’t see how that helps generate revenue… but the World Series has just begun and there are many miles to go before the 2014 season begins.

The Yankees 2013 are screwed – and maybe 2014, too.

The Red Sox won the season series against the Yankees 13 games to 6. Boston outscored the Yankees 120-84 in the 19 games. Now that is a whooping.

Speaking of whooping, the best highlight that Yankees.com have from last nights loss to the Blue Jays is a butt sliding catch by Curtis Granderson. Because.. you know… they got shut out and lost their fourth game in a row.

Even if the Yankees win their last 11 games, they still could miss the playoffs and even if they make it in, this time doesn’t look like it has the offense or defense to win a championship, making the point moot. That’s all there is to say about the Yankees 2013 season, so, what can we look forward to for the 2014 season? At this point, who knows, but we can at least peak at the current 40 man roster and the DL and see who we’d even want on this team next year.

Dellin Betances – might be a garbage time reliever next year on the MLB club – who knows.
Cesar Cabral – the only reason he’s around now and maybe around next year is he’s left handed
Preston Claiborne – could be a useful reliever next year
Shawn Kelley – could be a useful reliever next year
Hiroki Kuroda – who knows, he could retire…
Boone Logan – need surgery to remove a bone spur, so who knows
Ivan Nova – he’ll be back
Vidal Nuno – if he ever gets healthy, he could get a shot
Andy Pettitte – who knows, he could retire…
David Phelps – I’m sure he’ll be around in some role
David Robertson – all hail the new closer!
CC Sabathia – let’s hope he figures out how to pitch like a league average starter next year!
Adam Warren – could be around in some relief role

Austin Romine – assume Romine gets the gig next year and Stewart gets shown the door. The Yankees will presumably find a scrap heap backup…

David Adams – no idea if this guy is useful or not – I tend to think not.
Robinson Cano – I assume the Yankees will sign him, but who knows.
Eduardo Nunez – somebody get this guy out of here!
Alex Rodriguez – assume he’s suspended for all of 2013

Derek Jeter- assuming he’s healthy, but who knows…

Mark Teixeira – pray he heals in time for his annual April slump

Corban Joseph – doesn’t look like a player to me, but who knows

Zoilo Almonte – could be around…
Brett Gardner
Curtis Granderson – I assume the Yankees will let him walk
Alfonso Soriano
Ichiro Suzuki – stuck with this guy
Vernon Wells – stuck with this guy

There are a lot of washed up has beens and never will bes and question marks in that list. By my count, the Yankees need to sign at least 3 starters (including Pettitte and Kuroda), a short stop, a third baseman and a right fielder, and that’s the minimum.

2014 might be a long year – I wouldn’t buy tickets in advance.

Let’s have some popcorn! (At Yankee Stadium)

After losing last night’s game and therefore the series to the Toronto Blue Jays and falling back to 5.5 games behind the wild card chase, the Yankees season feels over.

So let’s head out to Yankee Stadium and cheer ourselves up with junk food!


Yes, it’s the official Yankee Stadium popcorn tub, retailing at $15 and weighing in at over 2000 calories!  However, if you’re with a party of seven and everyone wants a snack, it’s actually a good buy…  But if it’s just you and a friend, it’s over priced and will probably give you colon cancer if you eat the whole thing.   It’s the snack version of the 2013 Yankees.


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