Thoughts on Yankees Opening Day, 2015


Even Nostradamus has no idea what the 2015 Yankees will do.

As we look forward to another season of New York Yankees baseball featuring a team populated by question marks, I can’t help but now turn my gaze outward to our unevenly scheduled division rivals.  Read the rest of this entry

Can you remember a Yankees team with more question marks?


The 2015 Yankees should consider branding themselves as the Bronx Riddlers because seriously, there’s so many different outcomes you could expect from this team.  Read the rest of this entry

What to expect when you’re expecting the 2015 Yankees


Pitchers and catchers are due to report in just weeks, not months, so before we know it, the New York Yankees 2015 season will be upon us.  And it’ll feature these guys, who are… uhm… I dunno.  Let’s dig in. Read the rest of this entry

Robertson to White Sox, Sad Keanu



David Robertson is going to the White Sox and I am bummed.  He got what people are calling a fair deal at 4 yrs/$46 million.

The Yankees are good at building a bullpen (I think it’s their best organizational skill) and I understand they wanted (and probably needed) an elite lefty (and they just signed one in Andrew Miller), but Robertson is a stud like me.   (I’m a stud, BTW.)  He’s 29 now, and I do understand that in the middle of this four year deal is when people start to downturn hard, but again, he’s a stud, so I don’t love this non-sign at all.  I get that the Yankees receive a first round pick, but this is a tough way to grab a pick!  Finally, I must acknowledge that the Yankees have a track record of developing  relievers in their farm system, so maybe they are higher on some of their guys on the way up then I realize.
Anyway, bummer.  Robertson was classy.

Jeter's career highlights in LEGO, Jeter's last home game, Giants play away Thursday Night Game of DOOM

Watching these Jeter career highlights in LEGO form is hilarious – I’ve seen these clips a million times, so to see them in LEGO is somehow fitting… maybe because Jeter himself his held together with plates and screws at this point in his life. It should also be pointed out that all of these highlights happened… I dunno, like 10 years ago. That’s kinda sad, no?

Tonight is Derek Jeter’s final home game (weather permitting) and Sunday at Fenway will be the final game of his career. Jeter had a great run and did amazing things, but the last two seasons have been a nightmare for that guy (Jeter is ranked 92 with a -0.2 WAR on fangraphs – yeoch). Oh well – everybody can’t end their career like Mariano Rivera.

Anyway, if there’s no Yankees tonight or you just don’t give a shiz, the New York Giants are playing the Thursday Night Game of DOOM on CBS. The away team always loses this game and, of course, the Giants are on the road.


#sarcasm #myteamsstinkthisyear #calgontakemeaway

blah blah blah the New York Football Giants stink

I’ve put the Yankees in my rearview mirror and hoped the Giants week one performance was an aberration… but it’s probably not. Read the rest of this entry

NY Giants & Yankee fans: Let me know when it's 2015

Now that the Yankees have all been but mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, I shifted my focus to football… only to find that the Giants stink again. Read the rest of this entry

Yankee Fans: Let's give up and watch football

My favorite Yankees blog, River Ave Blues, today lamented that Brett Gardner got thrown out of last night’s contest, which was an "important game." I’ve got to disagree – last night’s game was not important. The Yankees stopped playing important games in 2014 the instant they lost that series to the Detroit Tigers. Read the rest of this entry

#r2spect Jeter's gangsta (VIDEO)

Nobody grounds slowly to third quite like Jeter. It’s a metaphor for the 2014 season.

The Yankees are now 8 games out of the division and 3.5 games out of the second wild card spot. While the former may be impossible, the latter is not… but it’s probably impossible for this team. They just can’t score runs and if you can’t score runs, you can’t win. It’s that simple. If you watched the last two games against Baltimore, you know what I’m talking about. The Orioles are not a great team, and they simply GAVE the Yankees runs in both games, but the Yankees couldn’t take advantage of an opportunity.

So yeah… the Orioles are not a great team and I don’t think anyone is picking them to win the World Series, but they’re not a horrible team. Like the Yankees. Let’s all just look reality in the mirror. It’s a miracle the Yankees are over .500 – it’s really incredible because they are terrible at 50% of that which it takes to win a baseball game.

It is what it is – might as well start looking forward to next year.

Against all odds, the Yankees could still make the playoffs

Against All Odds, the Yankees are still somehow in the playoff hunt, just 1 game out of the second wild card spot behind Toronto. I think Phil Collins is certainly the artist of the year for the Bronx Bombers.

Although there were no blockbuster trades at the deadline, the Yankees are certainly a better team than they were just a few short weeks ago. It’s no question that the new acquisitions have improved the defense, and the offense does seem marginally better, too. Part of that could be addition by subtraction in the case of Brian Roberts not getting four at bats every day. Now if we could just get Derek Jeter less at bats and post a realistic batting order, the Yankees could really be on to something. I’m thinking of something like this:

CF Jacoby Ellsbury
LF Brett Gardner
1B Mark Teixeira
DH Carlos Beltran
C Brian McCann
3B Chase HeadleySS Derek Jeter
2B Stephen Drew
RF Martin Prado

I know this will never happen because the sky will fall if Jeter bats lower than second in the lineup, but I can dream. I’m not sure why Prado is getting batted ninth by Girardi, but I’m just going to say that Girardi knows something I don’t and I’ll just leave him there. As for Jeter… I’m sorry, the guy just doesn’t hit the ball hard enough anymore to bat second. If Gardner’s on 1st, you can almost count on Jeter grounding the ball to a middle infielder for a double play. You almost have to start Gardner/whoever is on first to at least try to open the hole for Jeter… although if you have the second baseman covering second when Jeter is up, you’re a lousy manager. (And yes, we’ve seen that this year.)

Anyway, the David Phelps injury SHOULD have me hitting the panic button, but at this point, I’m very "whatever" about injuries. Yeah, the Yankees need another starter, but let’s be realistic. It’s clear the league stinks this year. Sure, the Athletics are solid and the Tigers also boast a great roster, but most teams are terrible. The Yankees should have been out of it a long time ago, but the AL just can’t bury them, so there’s no reason to think that Phelps injury is going to bury them after the Tanka and Pineda’s injuries didn’t end the season the way I thought they would. Also, it sounds like Pineda is only a few weeks (two more weeks?) away, so the Yankees can probably limp along on Chase Whitley until then…

Whitley went to the bullpen after the acquisition of Chris Capuano… didn’t he? So he can go back to the rotation… I think. Oy. Keeping up with the 2014 Yankee’s roster moves is a full time job.

The Yankees could actually get into that wildcard play-in game. It’s possible… and if Tanaka is back and healthy AND available to pitch that game… well, it’s easy to see them winning that game in that scenario. If Pineda is back too, who knows where they could go from there if they’re hot? It’s a lot to hope for… but stranger things have happened.

Also this:


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