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Jeter's career highlights in LEGO, Jeter's last home game, Giants play away Thursday Night Game of DOOM

Watching these Jeter career highlights in LEGO form is hilarious – I’ve seen these clips a million times, so to see them in LEGO is somehow fitting… maybe because Jeter himself his held together with plates and screws at this point in his life. It should also be pointed out that all of these highlights happened… I dunno, like 10 years ago. That’s kinda sad, no?

Tonight is Derek Jeter’s final home game (weather permitting) and Sunday at Fenway will be the final game of his career. Jeter had a great run and did amazing things, but the last two seasons have been a nightmare for that guy (Jeter is ranked 92 with a -0.2 WAR on fangraphs – yeoch). Oh well – everybody can’t end their career like Mariano Rivera.

Anyway, if there’s no Yankees tonight or you just don’t give a shiz, the New York Giants are playing the Thursday Night Game of DOOM on CBS. The away team always loses this game and, of course, the Giants are on the road.


#sarcasm #myteamsstinkthisyear #calgontakemeaway

NY Giants & Yankee fans: Let me know when it's 2015

Now that the Yankees have all been but mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, I shifted my focus to football… only to find that the Giants stink again. Read the rest of this entry

Yankee Fans: Let's give up and watch football

My favorite Yankees blog, River Ave Blues, today lamented that Brett Gardner got thrown out of last night’s contest, which was an "important game." I’ve got to disagree – last night’s game was not important. The Yankees stopped playing important games in 2014 the instant they lost that series to the Detroit Tigers. Read the rest of this entry

#r2spect Jeter's gangsta (VIDEO)

Nobody grounds slowly to third quite like Jeter. It’s a metaphor for the 2014 season.

The Yankees are now 8 games out of the division and 3.5 games out of the second wild card spot. While the former may be impossible, the latter is not… but it’s probably impossible for this team. They just can’t score runs and if you can’t score runs, you can’t win. It’s that simple. If you watched the last two games against Baltimore, you know what I’m talking about. The Orioles are not a great team, and they simply GAVE the Yankees runs in both games, but the Yankees couldn’t take advantage of an opportunity.

So yeah… the Orioles are not a great team and I don’t think anyone is picking them to win the World Series, but they’re not a horrible team. Like the Yankees. Let’s all just look reality in the mirror. It’s a miracle the Yankees are over .500 – it’s really incredible because they are terrible at 50% of that which it takes to win a baseball game.

It is what it is – might as well start looking forward to next year.

Rangers at Yankees Mediocrity Bowl 2014 continues tonight after last night's 14 inning affair

This Rangers at Yankees four game set is one of the most punishing series I can remember. In the first game, the Yankees gave the Rangers… I dunno, five extra outs? Last night, the Bombers gave Texas 5 EXTRA INNINGS instead.

Look, the Yankees are bad this year, we all know this – but the Texas Rangers are positively LOATHSOME. As bad as the Yankees are at scoring runs, 4 runs in 25 innings over two games is BEYOND PATHETIC!

Eventually, new arrival Chase Headley (and late arrival – dude couldn’t make it to the Bronx by game time) delivered us from evil with last night’s walk off single in the 14th. This happened only after Quest Love and Wyatt Cenac left after the 13th inning, so… racism. Amiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?

I know the Yankees are trying to piece it together by adding low cost rental players because they’re fairly close int he second wild card hunt, but it seems like they should really be trying to get the moon for David Robertson instead of adding aging players. But who knows – maybe the injured pitchers will come back, the veterans will return to form… Maybe Mark Teixeira will get back in there at first, Beltran will start hitting, Derek Jeter will stop his never ending GIDP skid and this team will actually score some runs. Because they have Headley now. Right.

At least the infield defense got better – one less thing for the over taxed pitching staff to sweat!

"…our next huge embarrassing failure." (Or, the Yankees stink right now PT 2)

The Yankees actually have a better record on the road than they do at home. Maybe they’ll play better when they start their road trip…

The Yankees have not only lost another series, but they’ve now lost two series in a row to teams with records under .500. That is unbelievable… or, it makes perfect sense if you’ve been watching these guys.

Last night’s loss certainly wasn’t Hiroki Kuroda’s fault. Here’s his line: 8 IP, 9 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 7 K. You can’t ask for much better than that.

I know David Price is a good to great pitcher (depending on who you ask), but the Yankees offense is friggin horrible. Here is the offense’s line:

4-31, 1 XBH, 1 R, 5 BB, 11 K, 8 LOB, 1-9 w/ RISP.

Four hits. And Derek Jeter had 2 of them.

Let me just reiterate: the non-Derek Jeter Yankees went 2-29 last night. That’s it. Again, David Price is great and all, but it’s not like he’s Randy Johnson in his prime.

In other comedy news, Vidal Nuno will try to avoid the sweep this afternoon. Cue the end to Deer Hunter.

Raissman is advocating… I dunno… Jeter contract extension, ownership of Yankees?

This is a little old, but whatever. This was written in reaction to the latest ARod/PED thing.

I’m pretty sure Bob Raissman got one of those famous Derek Jeter gift baskets for writing this article…

"Yankees brass should figure out a way — quickly — to keep Jeter long-term, past whenever he decides to call it a day."


"The next time around, it’s worth considering his value as the face of the franchise. It must be factored in. His contract would be a bargain.

"The Yankees need Derek Jeter.

"For moments like these."

I’m sure Hal & Cash will jump right on that. They’ll just back up a dump truck of money onto Jeter’s front lawn and throw in partial ownership of the Yankees for fun. No problem.

I like Derek Jeter too, but sheesh.

Wallace Matthews: “Derek Jeter is a Liberal Spendocrat who believes in Climate Change”

derek-jeter-captain-planetOh, was that how he phrased it?  Right, I remember now – he called Jeter Captain Planet.

Tomato, to-mat-oh.

The Worldwide Leader’s Wallace Matthews caught Jeter red-handed in a post he titles Captain Planet: Jeter on climate change.  The following Jeter quote is from his appearance at the World Economic Forum… in Switerland… where he spoke to a reporter from another publication.  (Obviously, Wally can’t do any of his own reporting or write more than 250 words.)

“I was in New York for Hurricane Sandy,” Jeter told The Dispatch. “It’s just something that’s gotten so much attention. Regardless of how you feel about it, it’s something that needs to be addressed because we’re seeing more and more natural disasters each year, it seems like. Something has to be causing it.”

Whoa Derek, settle down there!

Jeter sounds like some sort of crazy liberal pinko commie.  He might as well be Al Gore at this point.  Next thing you know, Jeter will be organizing screenings of An Inconvenient Truth on the jumbo-tron at Yankee Stadium.

Yankees projected 2013 opening day batting order as of Dec 12

Now that the Kevin Youkilis deal is done and the Ichiro deal is all but done, we can start goofing around with the Yankees opening day batting order.

[dh – Ibanez?]
[catcher – Stewart?]

The latest Red Sox player to make the trek from Boston to New York is Kevin Youkilis, following in the footsteps of Babe Ruth, Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens, Johnny Damon. All iconic players in their own way… fascinating!

I was concerned about the Yankees lack of thump without Nick Swisher, but now that I look at this on paper, it’s not so bad. If the heart of the order is going to be Teix, Cano and Granderson – well, the Yankees could do worse. Youkilis is good for 15 homers and one would expect more out of Teixeira, even if that’s unlikely… Maybe you flip flop Granderson and Teix, but then, I think Teix needs all the protection he can get.

I thought about placing Gardner at the top of the order, but he’s had so few ABs in the last year, I think the Yankees are better off starting with Ichiro (and his amazing bat control) at the top of the order and waiting to see where Gardner is at. His ABs look good at the end of last year… but I’m still on a wait and see approach with him. You could say the same for Jeter, but then, he’s Derek Jeter and I’m willing to roll the dice and assume he’ll be some version of himself, even if he’s not the 2012 Jeter who was setting the world on fire.

I thought the Yankees were going to sign Raul Ibanez, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe they have their eyes on an upgrade? Or maybe they prefer someone who backs up the infield rather than the outfield in light of A-Rod injury? Who knows. As for a starting catcher… who the hell knows who the Yankees will end up with. I assume that the Yankees got Chris Stewart because they don’t think much of Francisco Cervelli, so maybe that is your catching tandem, in that order if they don’t go get somebody.

Well, it’s still early, so we’ll have to wait and see how the quesiton marks shake out and even longer to see what A-Rod has left when he comes back, but either way, this sure will be an interesting team to watch.

Voldemort/Ibanez works his magic, but it’s not enough as Jeter FRACTURES HIS EFFING ANKLE


“Only I can hit home runs forever!”

Lord Voldemort AKA Rual Ibanez did what he was does, but his game tying home run (not to mention Ichiro’s two run blast), just wasn’t enough on Saturday night.   There were so many points when the game could have gone differently:  Cano’s hard hit ball off Doug Fister and the resulting blown call at first, Nick Swisher’s less than sparkling right field play, not to mention the inability of those men and A-Rod and Granderson to give any real offensive support.


This. (

These guys are supposed to be good to great and they’ve all been FRIGGIN TERRIBLE.  Now that Derek Jeter has fractured his ankle, I assume Edwardo Nunez (aka Scissorhands) will get activated, but somebody is going to have to pick it up now that the Yankees have lost their most productive hitter.

I know David Phelps has only made two appearances and he was probably rusty in both, but 5 hits, 3 runs and 1 walk in 2.1 innings is NOT getting it done.  I’ve been a Phelps booster all year long, but he’s just not getting it done.

So where does this leave the Yankees at this point?  Outside of the struggling bats coming to life in a series where the Yankees can’t score runs to save their lives, things are looking bleak.  As they did in the first series, the Yankees pitching staff is probably going to have to do all the heavy lifting going forward.


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