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Yankees 2015 Postmortem

brian cashman

“Pretty sure our trade deadline strategy is going to get criticized…”

The Yankees 2015 season is in the books.  They did better than everyone thought they would, but it sure did end ugly.  Read the rest of this entry

Guessing at the Yankees Postseason Pitching Rotation


How silly are these hats? They remind me of something….

Read the rest of this entry

Yankees @Mets and @BlueJays – 6 games that determine whether they make the playoffs



After yesterday’s rest, the Yankees will play 17 games in 17 days and the first 6 could make or break their playoff chances.  Things are very scary for the Bronx Bombers right now. Read the rest of this entry

@Yankees – More Runs, Please!


The Yankees have scored 2 runs or less 10 times so far this month and are 2-8 in said games, which makes sense.  Nevertheless, the Yankees are second in all of baseball in team runs scored (behind the Blue Jays) and in runs per game (also behind the Blue Jays) and also currently second in the AL East.  BEHIND.  THE.  BLUE.  JAYS.  Read the rest of this entry

Yankee Stuff: Sabathia + PEDs?, Bottom of the Order, Pitching, Alumni Club House and more


Is it just me, or is Target Field giving us the finger?  Right there, passed second base in the outfield…

A lot has changed since my last post – it’s been a while.  The trade deadline came and went without a major move, the Blue Jays are loaded for bear and there’s a lot of baseball yet to be played between these two teams… But yeah, let me get the CC Sabathia thing out-of-the-way.  Read the rest of this entry

The only way to get Sabathia out of the Yankees rotation


Ivan Nova had a good (if not great) return to the Yankees starting pitching rotation yesterday, his first MLB innings since Tommy John surgery.  The Yankees are carrying six starting pitchers (seven if you count Capuano, which I do NOT) and given the way bullpens are used in the modern game, this six man rotation can’t last forever.  Obviously, CC Sabathia is the worst pitcher in the rotation, but getting him out of there is going to be next to impossible.  Read the rest of this entry

Yankees are now 6 and 1 against Rays due to Mustache POWER!


Headmaster Greystash like a MoFu!

Every time Tampa got close, the Yankee offense blew them away. I can’t believe that’s the case, but it’s true. The Yankee offense is performing pretty well. And they’re 16-7 against right-handed pitchers! And this lefty heavy lineup is 5-5 against southpaws, which is better than I expected.  Read the rest of this entry

2015 Yankees: How Ya Like Me Now?

After starting the 2015 season 3-6 and losing their first three series, the Yankees have gone 13 for 16 and won five series in a row and they’re all alone in first place.  Anybody that says they saw this coming is a blatant LIAR (especially after Tanaka got hurt) and even the most passive Yankees fan has got to be eating this up with a spoon.   They’re going up to Toronto to play the sputtering Blue Jays next, and you’ve got to like their chances.  Hopefully this combination of timely offense, good defense (especially in the outfield) and amazing bullpen can keep it up.

The Yankees LOVE winning, man!

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that the New York Yankees have been impressive of late.  After an ugly 3-6 start and losing their first three series, the Yankees are now 13-8 and 8-2 in their last 10 games.  They’ve won 3 games in a row and have won their last 4 series against the Rays, Tigers(!), Mets and the Rays again, going for yet another sweep of the latter team again today.

Hats off the bullpen – they are really stealing the show right now.  KEEP IT UP, FELLAS!

Yankees April 2015: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Fielding thy name is DREW.

The Yankees are about an eighth of the way through the season, so I thought I’d take a look at what’s working, not working and what needs to be taken behind the barn and shot.*  Read the rest of this entry


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