Do you think the George M. Steinbrenner monument is too big?

When you talk about the Yankees, you can’t do so without mentioning George Steinbrenner.  Love him or hate him, his effect on the Yankees and Major League Baseball is undeniable.  After Mr.  Steinbrenner passed away, the Yankees modified this space above the right field bleachers, which formerly showed a list of all championship seasons, with a photo of Mr. Steinbrenner:

George M Steinbrenner III

That seemed like a fine idea to me; and I imagined that although large, it was probably only temporary and in 2011, the signage will more than likely revert to it’s original state.

Then I heard they were going to give Mr. Steinbrenner a monument, and I thought, “Great.  He deserves one.”  Then I actually saw the monument.

George M Steinbrenner III

I wrote it this morning, and I’ll write it again.  It’s friggin HUGE.  It dwarfs all the other monuments by a lot and I noticed in this evening’ s New York Times,  I’m not the only one who thinks so.  Just FYI:  it measures 7 feet across and 5 feet high across its bronze face (so these measurements don’t include the base) and weighs 760 pounds.  Look how it dwarfs David Wells!  Boomer is 6 ft 3 in, by the way.

It’s not that big of a deal, and I don’t think the Yankees need to do anything about it, but do you think it’s too big or the right size?  Take the poll and holler back.

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