Battle for 1st in the AL East – Place your bets!

With 3 games to go on consecutive days, our own New York Yankees are battling it out with the Tampa Bay Rays for first place in the AL East. Too bad they aren’t playing each other.

Both teams have identical records of 94-65. After lackluster Septembers, before which everyone thought both teams could win 100 games, the Yankees and Rays have faltered a bit. The Rays have an ace in the hole; they won the season series with the Yankees, meaning that if they’re still tied after the conclusion of play on Sunday, the Rays will be awarded first place.

I’m not a gambling man, but if I were, my money would be on the Rays.

Yeah, I’m making myself ill, fake betting against the Yankees. However, the facts are simple: the Rays are playing the Kansas City Royals this weekend, while the Yankees get to deal with the Boston Red Sox – not exactly equivalent opponents. However, I do seem to remember the Royals playing the Detroit Tigers in a winner take all series (for the Tigers, not the Royals), and the Tigers blew it. Whether or not this was due to the Royals aptitude for playing spoiler or the Tigers incompetence, I’m not sure, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Both teams will be lining up their rotations for the playoffs, so it’s not like either team will be bringing it’s ace for a start to win the division, and ailing players or guys who need a rest will probably get one given that both teams have clinched a playoff berth already. How it will all turn out in the end is anybody’s guess, but I’d say the smart money is on Tampa Bay winning the AL East.

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  1. Love the post man, great read! Don’t really care about 1st place in East. However, I think that the Yankees have an unbelievable offense and that when you look top to the bottom it is seriously unfair to the other teams in the Major Leagues. However, their pitching as everyone knows is quite suspect except maybe for Sabathia. This I think is going to cause issues for them because like any sport you can’t outscore your opponents in the playoffs the same way in which you do during the regular season. Also, you think you could check out my blog? I really want to hear your thoughts.

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