Yankees win first eliminatin game

Today was kill or be killed – and the Yankees responded.

CC Sabathia didn’t have his best stuff, giving up 11 hits but no walks and 7 Ks in 6 IP.  Kerry Wood did a great job with 2 scoreless innings and 3 Ks and no walks.  Even though the Yankees were holding a 7-2 lead, Mariano Rivera pitched a scoreless ninth – again, it’s an elimination game, and the rest of the bullpen has really faltered of late.

Finally, finally, finally the Yankees have responded with runners in scoring position, even if they were 2-11 and left 7 on base.  The Yankees collected 6 walks, which enabled them to score 7 runs on 9 hits, while Texas suffered 2 runs on 13 hits.  Nick Swisher and Robinson Cano hit back to back jacks and Curtis Granderson gave that extra run in the 8th with a solo homer of his own, so that’s getting it down with the power.

Friday’s elimination game 2 is a rematch of Phil Hughes and Colby Lewis.  Hughes can’t possibly pitch as bad as he did last time – right?

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  1. I really hope that the Rangers can pull it out in Game 6. I have always been a Yankee hater but just the booing of A.J. Burnett in game 4 has really put it over the top for me about wanting the Yankees to lose. How the hell can you boo your team that just won the world series last season? Seriously? The Yankees have a very good team, but again I don’t think their pitching is enough so hopefully we can see a Rangers-Phillies final so at least there is one interesting team.


  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for dropping by again. Your comments are greatly appreciated!

    First off, why are you a Yankee hater? I can’t bring myself to hate any of the other teams in the league… well, maybe the Pirates. They don’t even try. If you’re going to hate anybody, I recommend those guys.

    I don’t think the folks were necessarily booing AJ Burnett, but instead just booing the fact that they were losing. I was at home, also booing, but I was booing at Joe Girardi: I thought Burnett was coming out right after the intentional walk and Joba was coming in. It didn’t happen, Molina hit the home run… bleh. I thought that was a huge mistake by Girardi, worthy of booing. But I have to say, this is NY: if you don’t perform well, you get booed – period. Yankee games aren’t free to attend, so those folks are more than entitled to boo anyone they want, as far as I’m concerned. They can boo the concession guy if he puts too much ice in their drinks for all I care. And the Yankees were well over due for some serious booing. Until Game 5, the Yankees played like ASS. Their overall team performance in the ALCS in games 1 through 4 was pathetic. They should issue an apology to anyone who watched those games.

    You might be right about the Yankees pitching – I’m unsure myself. Their four starters are all capable, but Hughes and Burnett have been inconsistent (to say the least, especially in Burnett’s case), Pettitte is an older guy but still pitching well and all 3 of Sabathia’s starts haven’t been the quality you expect.

    I guess you don’t think the Yankees or Phillies are interesting teams… I have to disagree. Roy Halladay, finally pitching in the post season, and he’s already thrown a no hitter… that’s a pretty interesting storyline, no? And the Yankees are the defending champions trying to keep their crown – also seems pretty interesting to me. I do agree that the Rangers are an interesting team, but the fact that they lost two games to the Yankees, who are not playing very well (they left a ton of guys on base in game 5 – but that’s been par for the course this season) makes me wonder if they are the ‘team of destiny’ this year that everyone seems to think they are.

    i guess we’ll find out on friday – or, hopefully, saturday!

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