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Yankees and/or MLB Send Annoying Marketing Mails

Are they effing kidding me?

Did you get this ‘Get exclusive discounts and offers from AT&T’s Facebook page’ email today? The hot stove season is slow right now and that makes this marketing email stick out even more.

I love the Yankees, but this is absurd. Is it really necessary to sell out the fans like this? Who’s responsible for this email – MLB or the Yankees? Either way, the email makes everybody look bad.

Giants Lose To Eagles As Per Vick’s Pact With Satan

michael vick al pacino devils advocate

"Dog fighting... definitely my favorite sin." - The Devil

That was the first game winning punt return in history…  W. T. F.

Damn it! I hate,  I friggin hate Michael Vick! The bastard rushed for 130 yards.  F that guy.  You’re still a loser, Vick!

If you ever needed proof that there is a heaven and a hell and that Michael Vick has sold his soul to The Devil, I think that the Giants lose to the Eagles on Sunday afternoon is all the proof you will ever need.

The Eagles put up a 28 spot in the fourth quarter!  I know everyone is killing the punter, but come on!  28 points and it’s the punter’s fault they lost the game?  That’s absurd.  I guess everyone wanted to blame the guy who made the most recent mistake…  not that I heard the Giants saying this.  Between offensive mistakes and the defensive collapse, the Giants let a game slip away they should have won.

I know it’s not impossible for the Giants to still win the division, but their inconsistent play has been a thorn in their side all year; they just can’t get out of their own way.  As I’ve written over and over again this season, I still expect the Giants to make the playoffs, but I don’t expect them to get anywhere.


I was looking at the NFC West the other day… I’m getting the feeling that the team that wins the division will be under .500 or sporting an even record at best – that’s a joke.  The Seahawks and Rams are garbage.  I would prefer that if a division doesn’t have a team with a .500 or over record, that division should forfeit the playoff spot and instead open up an extra wild card for a team with a better record in another division. To take it a step farther, I think the NFL (and MLB) should just get rid of the divisions all together and just take the teams with the best records and drop them in the post season tournament.

Losing Cliff Lee to the Phillies turns the Yankees 2011 into a Season in Vain

Joe Girardi Brian Cashman discuss Cliff Lee

"Brian, what are you doing here, talking to me? You should be in Texas, begging Andy Pettitte not to retire..."

In all honesty, it doesn’t matter now whether or not Andy Pettitte retires or not.  Now that Cliff Lee has become the number two starter in Philadelphia with the Phillies, joining Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels, does it really matter what anybody else does this winter?  Can you imagine facing this foursome in the World Series?  It boggles the mind!  The Phillies are now the immediate favorite (by a lot) to win the 2011 World Series behind their formidable pitching staff that makes the 2010 San Francisco Giants staff look pale by comparison.  OK, I admit that I’m panicking a little, but we’re two starters short and December is almost over!

The Yankees Hot Stove has been cooled significantly, and exactly where they go from here is anybody’s guess.  Well, we can guess that the Yankees are going to make a trade; they just signed catcher Russell Martin, so maybe they are planning to package a catching prospect (Jesus Montero, Austin Romain) and some pitching prospects together for a starting pitcher… but who knows?

I assume we’ll get the official word on Pettitte any day now.  You would assume the Yankees will make their move shortly after that.  We can only hope…

Giants clobber another inferior opponent
Another day, another dollar.  Good teams have to beat the bad teams, and that’s what the Giants have been doing the last two weeks.  The bad news is Steve Smith is hurt again, and he’s done for the season.  We’ll have to hope someone will step up in his place, but as we looked toward the playoffs, I don’t really know what to expect… if the team can get hot at the right time and Eli can stop throwing picks, anything is possible.

Musings: Mariano, Jeter, Crawford, Luke Scott

Like the class act he is, Mariano Rivera resigned with the Yankees for 2 years/$30 million dollars.  Sure, other teams offered him more, but Mo doesn’t play that.  He’s a Yankee.  Besides, $30 million is nothing to sneeze at, even if you are as great as Mo, but especially because he’s over 40 years old.  Try explaining that to Jeter…

derek jeter greed is good

"Because Derek Jeter, for lack of a better word, is good."

Borderline diva Derek Jeter also resigned for 3 years/$51 million – but really, its either 3 years/$54 million if the Yankees buy out the fourth year player option or 4 years/$59 million if they don’t.  Jeter has been out there saying he’s not happy with the way the negotiations were handled, but frankly, when the Yankees offered 3 years/$45 million and Jeter rejected it and then the Yankees bid against themselves just to make Jeter happy…  well, I don’t have much sympathy for Jeter.  3 years/$45 million was not a fair offer, it was a generous offer, because even if it was a pay cut from Jeter’s previous salary, it still makes him the richest middle infielder in baseball.  But Jeter is mad about how public things got and Brian Cashman’s suggestion that he shop around if he thought their offer was unfair despite Jeter’s testimonial to the Yankee brass that he wouldn’t even talk to other teams.  Well, when Jeter turned down a generous offer like 3 years/$45 million and let his representation call it a “baffling” offer and the media said he was greedy…  What did he expect to happen?  He was being greedy, and that’s fine; this could be the last contract that he gets, and he has every right to pursue every  last dollar.  But the bottom line is that the Yankee’s first offer was an overpayment, they sweetened the deal and he still wasn’t happy because the negotiations weren’t all hearts and flowers.  Anyway, Jeter got his money, shot his mouth off – great.  Let’s hope this is the last we hear of this for the next few years.

The Red Sox signed Carl Crawford for 7 years/ $142 million… that’s a spicy falafel ball.  Think about it this way – he makes $2 million less than Mark Teixeira. That seems a bit crazy to me.  I speculate about whether or not the Yankees were ever really interested in Crawford… I know they’ve been singing his praises for years, but I’m starting to wonder if they were doing that just to drive up the price a little… I never thought Crawford would get this big of a deal.  I understand that he hit well in the three spot in limited duty there last year (49 games: .323 avg, .364 OBP, .526 slugging, 7 home runs), but I don’t think anyone expects him to blossom into a power hitter, and as his speed dissipates with age, Crawford will be extremely overpaid… kind of like Derek Jeter at the end of his last deal.  It’s also a bit curious why the Red Sox signed a speedster to play the smallest left field in the league, but what do I know?  Maybe he’ll be great for all seven years, but I wouldn’t bet on it.  I also don’t get why this is a brilliant move… why is paying someone $20 million a year to his singles and steal bases brilliant?

Finally, did you hear what Luke Scott said about the President?  It was very 2008:

“[Obama] was not born here,” Scott asserted to Answer Man in the session’s last segment. “That’s my belief. I was born here. If someone accuses me of not being born here, I can go — within 10 minutes — to my filing cabinet and I can pick up my real birth certificate and I can go, ‘See? Look! Here it is. Here it is.’ The man has dodged everything. He dodges questions, he doesn’t answer anything.”

What a loser Scott is.  The president should respond with the following statement:  “I look forward to meeting Mr. Scott next fall after the Orioles win the World Series…  Oh wait, I forgot – the Orioles are horrible.  Suck on that, Luke.  You’re a born loser.  ‘No you can’t!’  Sucka.”

(I was going to write something about the Giants demolishing the Redskins, but I figured, what’s the point?  The Redskins are AWFUL.)

Pinstriped Statue of Liberty at Yankee Stadium

Pinstriped Statue of Liberty at Yankee Stadium

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – nothing grabs your attention like Pinstriped Statue of Liberty at Yankee Stadium – well, this is at the new Yankee Stadium (YS3), just to be clear.  I usually at least pretend to stop and frame out my pictures before I take them, but as soon as I saw this thing, I snapped a picture off on the way out of a loss to the Indians in 2010…  at least I think it was a loss – did Joba Chamberlain give up a zillion runs in relief to the Astros of the Indians in 2010?  I forget… which ever one of those teams they beat on a Saturday afternoon in 2010, that’s what game it was…  OK, that’s besides the point.  The thing is, a Pinstriped Statue of Liberty at Yankee Stadium was the last thing I expected to see that day, but there it was – and it’s pretty awesome looking!

Speaking of Yankee Stadium, you can talk about the view from your seat at – as for me, I like to sit in the middle tier in between home plate and first base.  Those are my favorite seats by far.


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