Losing Cliff Lee to the Phillies turns the Yankees 2011 into a Season in Vain

Joe Girardi Brian Cashman discuss Cliff Lee

"Brian, what are you doing here, talking to me? You should be in Texas, begging Andy Pettitte not to retire..."

In all honesty, it doesn’t matter now whether or not Andy Pettitte retires or not.  Now that Cliff Lee has become the number two starter in Philadelphia with the Phillies, joining Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels, does it really matter what anybody else does this winter?  Can you imagine facing this foursome in the World Series?  It boggles the mind!  The Phillies are now the immediate favorite (by a lot) to win the 2011 World Series behind their formidable pitching staff that makes the 2010 San Francisco Giants staff look pale by comparison.  OK, I admit that I’m panicking a little, but we’re two starters short and December is almost over!

The Yankees Hot Stove has been cooled significantly, and exactly where they go from here is anybody’s guess.  Well, we can guess that the Yankees are going to make a trade; they just signed catcher Russell Martin, so maybe they are planning to package a catching prospect (Jesus Montero, Austin Romain) and some pitching prospects together for a starting pitcher… but who knows?

I assume we’ll get the official word on Pettitte any day now.  You would assume the Yankees will make their move shortly after that.  We can only hope…

Giants clobber another inferior opponent
Another day, another dollar.  Good teams have to beat the bad teams, and that’s what the Giants have been doing the last two weeks.  The bad news is Steve Smith is hurt again, and he’s done for the season.  We’ll have to hope someone will step up in his place, but as we looked toward the playoffs, I don’t really know what to expect… if the team can get hot at the right time and Eli can stop throwing picks, anything is possible.

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