Giants Lose To Eagles As Per Vick’s Pact With Satan

michael vick al pacino devils advocate

"Dog fighting... definitely my favorite sin." - The Devil

That was the first game winning punt return in history…  W. T. F.

Damn it! I hate,  I friggin hate Michael Vick! The bastard rushed for 130 yards.  F that guy.  You’re still a loser, Vick!

If you ever needed proof that there is a heaven and a hell and that Michael Vick has sold his soul to The Devil, I think that the Giants lose to the Eagles on Sunday afternoon is all the proof you will ever need.

The Eagles put up a 28 spot in the fourth quarter!  I know everyone is killing the punter, but come on!  28 points and it’s the punter’s fault they lost the game?  That’s absurd.  I guess everyone wanted to blame the guy who made the most recent mistake…  not that I heard the Giants saying this.  Between offensive mistakes and the defensive collapse, the Giants let a game slip away they should have won.

I know it’s not impossible for the Giants to still win the division, but their inconsistent play has been a thorn in their side all year; they just can’t get out of their own way.  As I’ve written over and over again this season, I still expect the Giants to make the playoffs, but I don’t expect them to get anywhere.


I was looking at the NFC West the other day… I’m getting the feeling that the team that wins the division will be under .500 or sporting an even record at best – that’s a joke.  The Seahawks and Rams are garbage.  I would prefer that if a division doesn’t have a team with a .500 or over record, that division should forfeit the playoff spot and instead open up an extra wild card for a team with a better record in another division. To take it a step farther, I think the NFL (and MLB) should just get rid of the divisions all together and just take the teams with the best records and drop them in the post season tournament.

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