Speculating on the Yankees 25 Man Roster for the 2011 Season – Revised Edition

Now that the Yankees have signed former Rays closer Rafael Soriano, I’ll need to Revise my Yankees 25 Man Roster Speculation. The signing doesn’t throw too big of a wrench in my guessing, but it certainly creates some interesting question marks as we get closer to spring training.

Rafael SorianoMy January 5th Pitching Roster was set as follows:

Starting Rotation:
CC Sabathia – LHP
Phil Hughes – RHP
A.J. Burnett – RHP
Sergio Mitre – RHP
Ivan Nova – RHP

Boone Logan – LHP
Pedro Feliciano – LHP
Mariano Rivera – RHP
Joba Chamberlain – RHP
Dave Robertson – RHP
Romulo Sanchez – RHP

My first instinct is to simply give the spot occupied by Sanchez to Soriano, but I don’t think it’s that simple. The first thing you have to consider is why the Yankees would side Soriano in the first place – probably because they have no confidence in Joba or D-Rob to be the setup man or to close when Mo is not available. But I don’t think this necessarily slots D-Rob and Joba to the 7th inning – well, maybe it does D-Rob, but I have to hope against hope that the statement ‘Joba Chamberlain will stay in the bullpen’ is as valid as ‘Bubba Crosby will be our opening day center fielder.’ I think this creates a unique opportunity for the Yankees to keep Sanchez – who is not great, but he throws hard, is young and is out of options, so the Yankees will lose him anyway – send Nova to AAA as the sixth starter and at least let Joba try to hold the fifth starter spot.

I like Joba’s stuff as a starter, and I don’t see why they don’t give him another chance – unless his shoulder is wrecked and they aren’t telling us. But, who knows what the Yankees are planning… I never thought the Yankees would sign Mark Teixeira, or Soriano, for that matter. Maybe they pan to package Sanchez and Joba in a trade for a crappy starter. I guess all questions will be answered soon enough… in the meantime, I’ll keep guessing.

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