Carlos Delgado Protests The Iraq War In 2004

Remember way back in 2004, when Carlos Delgado was protesting the United States invasion of Iraq?

Here’s a quick refresher:

Fervently anti-war, Carlos Delgado quietly carried out his personal protest this season, refusing to stand when God Bless America was played at ballparks across the majors.

Most fans never saw him disappearing up the dugout tunnel or staying in the dugout. And even teammates who disagreed with the Toronto slugger’s political stance accepted his right to call the United States’ invasion of Iraq “the stupidest war ever.”

I went to a Yankees vs. Blue Jays game back at the old stadium that year, and people who fell on both sides of the debate were in attendance:


Carlos Delgado For President
Some folks agreed with him: Carlos Delgado For President


carlos delgado is an american disgrace
Other folks did not agree with him: Carlos Delgado Is An American Disgrace


Yep, that’s how we used to do it at the old Stadium (YS2) – we’d break out the signs to express our stances on visiting player’s political views.  Hells yeah, we would!  As for me, I agreed with Delgado – invading Iraq was dumb, but this isn’t really the spot where I drop that kind of truth bomb (word up), so I’ll say this:  playing God Bless America during every single game is dumb.  First off, it’s not an especially good song, particularly when you compare it to The Star Spangled Banner, which is an excellent song, and is, after all, our national anthem.  Not only does the playing of God Bless America bring the game to a grinding halt, but we heard the Star Spangled Banner before the game started – how many pro America songs do we need to hear during one baseball game?  It’s a sporting event – its not a concert, and its certainly not some kind of weird pro America pep rally.

It’s just a ball game – don’t try to make it something it’s not.  Just play ball!

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