Come On In, Mets Fans – The Pinstripes Are Fine!

Given that the Mets are in all this financial trouble and have a crappy team due to years of mismanagement, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite all of their fans to come over to my side and become Yankees fans.

I don’t get how Mets fans can stand it – this is worse than being a Knicks fan, I think.  Sure, the Knicks have been mismanaged for a decade and are finally climbing out of obscurity, but the Mets are ridiculous.  It’s clear that the team is going to stink next year and I’m thinking it’s going to be a long time before they right the ship.  Their MLB roster is in shambles and their farm system sucks – couple that with the fact that they don’t have any money, I don’t see how they can compete next year or any time soon.

How did this happen?

Omar Minaya makes Brian Cashman look like Nostradamus.  The teams he built were full of aging and broken players – sure, they didn’t trade any great stars (although that remains to be seen) for Johann Santana, but he cost them a fortune in cash and he’s always hurt, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as his velocity had been in steadily declines in the seasons leading up to his trade to the Mets.  Minaya never broke up the team and traded Jose Reyes when he had the chance – he probably could have gotten at least one good pitching prospect from the Red Sox for him, but that ship has long since sailed.  I’m not going to weigh in on and point out every crappy move Minaya made, but let’s just say he sucked at his job and the Wilpons were at least two years too late in firing him… and who the hell knows why they gave him that last extension, that was totally strange.

Which brings us to the primary issue with the Mets – the Wilpons are maniacs.  As if you needed more proof, the Mets are being sued for a billion dollars.  That’s billion. With a B.

Let me see if I can figure this out:  the Mets are owned by the Wilpon family, and they are tight with the Madoffs.  As I understand it, the Mets took some of their own money as well as some other people’s money and invested it with Madoff, and of course, we all know how that went down.  Here’s what the NY Times has to say:

[Irving H. Picard] has charged in a lawsuit that the owners of the Mets, Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz, willfully ignored a “litany” of warnings that Madoff might have been engaged in a fraud, and continued to invest the profits from those accounts, with Madoff coming to fuel almost all aspects of the two men’s financial empire.

Picard is seeking $1 billion.

Crazy.  “Willful ignorance” is almost like saying the Wilpon and Katz were in cahoots with Madoff without actually saying it…  although what Picard is not saying in the lawsuit, he’s saying publicly – mostly to the tune that the Mets owners should have known that something was rotten with Madoff.

And the Mets have been lying about it ever since – when the shiz went down, the Mets said they didn’t lose much money and it wouldn’t effect the Mets.  They are now claiming they lost $500 million and are looking for a buyer for 20% of the Mets and a piece of their tv station, SNY, which shows the Mets games.

So besides mismanagement under GM Omar Minya throughout his entire tenure, now they dont have any money, and aren’t likely to make any crazy profits next year because their team sucks and have no available capital to spend on it to make it any better.

To all Mets fans:  get out now.  You’ll never be more justified.  The team stinks and the ownership is being sued for a billion dollars after they told you everything was OK.  Jump ship, put on some pinstripes – we’ve got plenty of room over here!

I’ve got a Jeter t-shirt here waiting for you.

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  1. That’s great stuff right there! And it’s so true. People can say what they want about the Yankee offseason, but at least they made some good moves. The Mets are hanging their hopes on Johan’s shredded shoulder, Oliver Perez, Chris Capuano, and Chris Young.

    If the Mets and their fans didn’t provide me with so much comedic entertainment and a constant reminder that it’s always better to be a Yankee fan, I would almost feel sorry for them.

    • With owners like the Wilpons, I can’t help but feel sorry for Mets fans – that’s why I think they should come over to our side. They’ve suffered long enough!

      BTW – I’m a big fan of your site! however, i can’t seem to figure out how to comment!

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