Yankees First Spring Training Game is Saturday Feb 26

I drowsily drifted through yesterday’s NY Times article on Derek Jeter’s reaction (or lack there of) to Hank Steinbrenner’s comments about… I don’t know… Jeter’s new house?

The day after Steinbrenner, a Yankees co-chairman, seemed to take an indirect shot at Jeter, the team’s captain, by saying that some players were “too busy building mansions” and “not concentrating on winning” after their 2010 bid for a title repeat expired in the American League Championship Series, Jeter playfully deconstructed those remarks. He noted that Steinbrenner used the plural form of mansion and did not once explicitly mention him.

Anyway, Jeter didn’t seem to care about Hank’s comments, and I certainly don’t, so lets move on to the rest of the article… Oh wait, that’s pretty much all there is. Except at the very bottom, there’s this delicious nugget of info:


The chase for a rotation spot gets under way Saturday, when Bartolo Colon is scheduled to start the Grapefruit League opener against Philadelphia’s Cole Hamels. Joe Girardi said Ivan Nova, C. C. Sabathia, A. J. Burnett, Phil Hughes and Freddy Garcia would start the subsequent five games.

I don’t have any idea why the entire article wasn’t about this. Somebody explain it to me! This is easily the biggest storyline surrounding the Yankees this spring, and all it gets is two lousy sentences. Couldn’t somebody ask him any follow up questions about this? Like, uhm, I don’t know, maybe, “So does this mean that Bartolo Colon, Freddy Carcia and Ivan Nova are the only candidates for the four and five spots in the starting rotation in Yankee camp?” How about, “Is Sergio Mitre going to make a start this spring?” I’d like to know, wouldn’t you? I’m sure Ben Shpigel is a nice guy and all, but jeez – he really dropped the ball on that one. Who cares about the Steinbrenner comments and Jeter’s reaction? I want to know who’s contending for the starting rotation! And I didn’t find this article by digging through the bowels of the Times’ sports section – this link was on their HOMEPAGE! I spend a great deal of time running through the streets, heralding the exceptional work that the folks at the NY Times do, but this just abysmal. I want real news, not gossip! I could have read this same article anywhere – I’m sure it was the back page story on the NY Post and the NY Daily News, and I’m sure it’s on Yahoo! Sports home page right now.

I’m starting to get excited – we get to see at least a taste of what Bartolo Colon has on the YES network this Saturday at 1:05. I am pumped – pumped! If I’m counting right (and I’m probably not) we’ll get to see Freddy Garcia on Thursday, March 3rd, also at 1:05, and the battle of the non-roster invites will officially be under way! Between Garcia, Colon and Nova (assuming Mitre is already out of the running?), can at least one of these guys give us 200 innings and an ERA around 4.75? (6 IP per start and 3ER would be a 4.50 ERA, so I’m not exactly asking for greatness.) It’s a tall order, but if one of them did, he’d win 10 games easily.

It’s finally happening on Saturday! Let the games BEGIN!

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  1. This article at Yankees.com indicates that Sergio Mitre IS part of the competition… assuming there really is a competition and they’re not just giving it to Colon and Garcia.

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