Rounding Out The 2011 Yankees 25 Man Roster

I guessed at the Yankees 2011 25 Man Roster a while back, and things have changed since then.

The bench, which was the biggest question mark of all coming into the 2011 spring training camp, will reportedly include Eric Chavez at the corner infield positions, Andruw Jones in the outfield, Eduardo Nunez at the middle infield positions, and Gustavo Molina as the backup catcher.  I think the Yankees did the right thing with the backup catcher position:  Jesus Montero still needs to play every day (it would have been OK for him to come north for a few weeks, but there’s not much of a point) and Austin Romine has never played a game above AA ball, and yes, I understand that they play at a high level down there and Romine has skills, but lets give the kid a break.  Not sure if they’re going to carry four or five outfielders; if they go with five, you assume that Chris Dickerson is a lock for the fifth spot.

Romulo Sanchez, who is out of options and I thought had a shot at the last spot in a crowded bullpen before the Yankees started signing reclamation projects like Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia, is out of here.  The Yankees sold his contract to a Japanese team, but I didn’t hear which one.

As expected, Mark Prior is going to stay down in Florida and continue to work on getting stronger – Kevin Millwood will be down there too as he gets his throwing arm ready as he insurance man.  The Yankees are really deep at the fifth starter position this year!  (If it’s not clear, that was a poor attempt at humor.)

Pedro Feliciano is going to start the year on the disabled list – not to be confused with Damaso Marte, another left handed Yankee reliever who is supposed to begin throwing soon, so I wouldn’t count on either of these guys until late April or early May.

It sounds like Curtis Granderson is going to avoid the disabled list, which is awesome because I love that guy – he’s got all the tool I love in an outfielder, but then, I’ve always been a sucker for a speedy outfielder who can hit for power.

Francisco Cervelli is supposed to be out of his cast or whatever by now, but when he’ll be able to return to the team, or even start practicing, I have no idea – so, keep him, Marte, Feliciano, and if needed, Prior and Millwood on your May reinforcements list.

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