Win A Sabathia Start Already!

CC Sabathia has a 2-2 record so far this year. He’s not known for his great starts to the season, and last night wasn’t a wonderful performance, but when Brad Penny is the opposing pitcher, you need to find a way to score runs and offset the sins by CC. I know the Yankees are susceptible to the curve ball and yes, we can all see on Fangraphs that Penny threw nearly 20% curveballs last night, but let’s be real here – Penny stinks. The Yankees had plenty of runners on base and they failed to capitalize. If your starter gives you 7 IP on 4 ER and the opposing starting pitcher is Brad Penny, you need to win that game. There’s no excuse for a loss like this!

Hit the ball!

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  1. Couldn’t agree more on that point, Jamie. It’s been a rough year for CC in terms of support from his offense and his bullpen. It doesn’t change the fact that he’s pitched brilliantly, even if he didn’t have his A-game last night, but in the world where too many people still value the Win stat too much it doesn’t help CC’s Cy Young candidacy to be sitting at 2 wins when he should have 5.

  2. Agree all the way! Although Zack Greinke did win that cy young award that year with only 16 Ws. Sabermetrics are great, but I still think ERA is a fine stat to evaluate starting pitchers with after 5 or so starts. Before that, a pitcher either isn’t worth evaluating or stinks so bad they’ve already been sent down.

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