Yankees 25 Man 2011 Playoff Roster Speculation

Now that regular season baseball is over, it’s time to cut the Yankees roster back to size. Here is who I expect to make the cut:

  1. A.J. Burnett
  2. Phil Hughes
  3. Boone Logan
  4. Hector Noesi or Luis Ayala
  5. Mariano Rivera
  6. David Robertson
  7. Rafael Soriano
  8. Cory Wade
  9. Ivan Nova
  10. Freddy Garcia
  11. CC Sabathia
  12. Russell Martin
  13. Austin Romine
  14. Robinson Cano
  15. Eric Chavez
  16. Derek Jeter
  17. Eduardo Nunez
  18. Alex Rodriguez
  19. Mark Teixeira
  20. Chris Dickerson
  21. Brett Gardner
  22. Curtis Granderson
  23. Andruw Jones
  24. Nick Swisher
  25. Jorge Posada

No Jesus
Given that the Detroit Tigers don’t have a left handed starter and I’m assuming that Francisco Cervelli is still hurt, I imagine it will be Austin Romine who is the back up catcher in the ALDS. He’s the superior catcher and Andruw Jones will be the left handed bat off the bench.

Bartolo Colon

Since the Yankees have decided to go with three starters in the first round (and probably will for the duration of the post season, should they advance), I don’t see any spot for Colon on the team. His velocity is down, and understandably so after an increased workload this season. I hope we can get him back for next year.

Hector Noesi or Luis Ayala
Well, one of these guys is going to be on the roster, but which? I tend to lean toward Ayala, who is older and more experienced rather than the young Noesi, who might have better stuff. It’s a tough call and you can’t go wrong either way because if either of these guys are in the game, it’s probably over anyway.

I see the Yankees carrying 8 relievers and 11 pitchers total. With Hughes and Burnett moving tot he pen… well, it’s pretty serious down there. Obviously, we’ll see the usual 3 headed monster combination of Soriano, Robertson and Rivera in the 7th, 8th and 9th, but I suppose Logan will be available to face Detroit’s Alex Avila, who is really their only lefty bat to speak of. So like you wold expect in any playoff game, starters will be on a short leash as Girardi can go to Phil Hughes for an inning (or maybe more, but I wouldn’t) of that sweet 95 MPH stuff he brandishes when he’s not starting. Shoot, even A.J. Burnett is good the first time through the order, so I don’t have any problem with him coming in for an inning and firing off the good stuff. Ideally, we get 6 strong innings out of our starters and don’t have to worry about this, but the combination of the three headed monster backed up by Hughes really ought to be enough to hold down a lead.

Let’s go Yankees!!!

About Jamie Insalaco

Jamie Insalaco is the author of CreativeJamie.com, BomberBanter.com and editor in chief of ComicBookClog.com

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  1. I was leaning toward Luis Ayala for that last bullpen spot, but I had the whole Jesus Montero vs Austin Romine thing wrong. Who would have guessed Montero would have started game 1? Obviously, not me!

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