Houston Astros come to the AL in 2013 with new/old uniforms, mascot and crappy team

The Houston Astros had their American League coming out party and displayed their new uniforms and mascot. (Check out the link for pics.)

I mean, I guess they’re new uniforms. They’re really just going back to the logo they used as recently as 1994 and their old school orange and blue color scheming. They’re also bringing back Orbit, their deranged mascot that has not been seen since 1999. Just what we need – another bizarre looking Muppet. Maybe we can arrange for Orbit and the Boston’s Green Monster to fight to the death.

Of course, the ‘Stros coming to the AL impacts the Yankees – sure, they’ll get to pound them 8 or 9 times a year, but unfortunately, so will the Angels (not to mention the Rangers and As) – and since they’re all in the American League West, it’ll probably be more like 18 games a year for the Angels, which sucks hard for Yankee fans while we have to face off with the always well pitched Rays, revitalized Blue Jays, scrappy Os and who the hell knows what Red Sox.

The inclusion of the Astros in the AL is going ot turn the race for the wild card spots into a major dog fight as AL West teams fatten up on inferior competition, and the Yankees are probably going to be stuck right in the middle of that battle, which sucks – and given that the 2013 squad won’t have the same offensive capability as the 2012 roster, things could get dicey. Cross your fingers!

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