Take Phil Hughes – PLEASE

I am really tired of A.J. Burnett – I mean Phil Hughes. Tired of the inconsistency. Tired of the location issues. Tired of the home runs. Enough is enough.

I’m not the sort of guy that spends a lot of time looking at numbers, never mind advanced stats, but you’d have to be blind or not paying attention for the last five or so years to think Phil Hughes can ever be better than a fifth starter – especially pitching in Yankee Stadium. I’ve read that Hughes has a serious problem against lefties this year, but I don’t even need to go that deep to see that Hughes stinks. Just by looking at the simple numbers in his 2013 game log, you can see how bad he is when he’s bad.

Phil Hughes gives up home runs – we all know that. But even when he has a decent day from an ER perspective, he can still give up multiple homers. Now I do believe in the adage that games aren’t lost by solo home runs the fact is that Hughes has had four multi home run games and only 4 homerless appearances in 11 starts. That’s awful. I know WHIP isn’t on this chart, but just look how often his hits and walks add up to a higher value than his innings pitched. That’s just not going to work. And what’s even worse is Hughes hasn’t had only one scoreless outing in eleven tries, and that was against Oakland. In 58.2 IP, he’s given up 69 hits (12 homers) and 15 walks. That’s just too many base runners

Hughes’ contract expires at the end of the year and I don’t expect the Yankees to resign him, but if they can package him, Joba Chamberlain Lyle Overbay for anyone with a bat and a pulse, they should jump on it.

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