A.J. Burnett Sucks

Not since Kei Igawa have the Yankees and their fans dealt with a starting pitcher as painful as A.J. Burnett.  I feel that I’ve been as fair as I can be, but this August of 2011 has drained what was left of my A.J. patience…  the haircut didn’t help.


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The Yankees have $33 million reasons to help A.J. Burnett improve his fastball command.  After the 2011 season, Burnett has two years remaining on his contract, each at $16.5 million.  I can’t see anyone wanting to trade the Yankees to acquire Burnett, and he makes too much money to go the bullpen.  It’s starting to look like the Yankees are going to have a below league average number five starter for the 2012 and 2013 seasons.  Can he turn it around?

A.J. Burnett Nicknames:

  • The Untradable
  • The Commandless
  • The Hair-don’t
  • He Who Must Not Be On The Playoff Roster
  • The Choker
  • Strawman

September 1st, 2011:  A.J. Burnett’s best start since…  ever?  5.1 IP, 2 ER, 5 hits, 4 Ks, 2 BB.  Give credit where credit is due – against the Red Sox, this is an OK start.

  1. Friday nite and the blond bomber still sucks-AJ be a man and go to Tampa and pitch BP for the remainder of your contract. Brian Cashman shame on you!!!!!

  2. he can shave his head or his ass-he still sucks-good outing tonight only 9 runs to the 0’s in 5 innings-way to go AJ!! Be a man and go to Tampa as a BP pitcher!!!! Is Joe afraid to hook him? Ask the police for an escort to the mound!!!!

  3. What are you guys talking about im the best pitcher in baseball ???

  4. That Sept 1 start against the Red Sox began their decent into a hellish month where they lost what, 20 games? Wild.

  5. the man looks like norman bates from psycho

  6. Wow….You people sound like morons now…Thanks for the ace! LMAO!

    • getting rid of Burnett was the best move for the Yankees- he just couldn’t produce in NY anymore. He belongs in the NL going forward. And the Yankees got a little salary relief out of it – it was a good move for everybody concerned – Burnett, Yankees and Pirates. Just enjoy being in contention for the first time in who knows how long and hope the Pirates don’t blow it. Also, i don’t know if you’ve seen the Yankees record recently, but they’re doing more than OK without Burnett.

  7. You eating your words now?

    • Let’s agree to disagree. Look at his numbers with the Yankees – Burnett was not pitching well enough to stay on the team. He seems like a decent guy, but given his performance in pinstripes,i don’t want him back. Not even a little.

  8. DormantUlcer August 21, 2011 21:17This has been my argument for two years now. And not just his World Series Game 5, let’s not fgoert his 6 runs in 6 innings (4 in the first, all before an out was even made) in Game 5 of the ALCS, another potentially series deciding game.His World Series Game 2 was great, yes, but the Yankees offense came alive in Philly, as did CC and Pettitte’s pitching. Even going into Philly down 0-2, they win Game 3 and 4, lose 5, win 6, and play 7 in New York with CC going against someone other than Cliff Lee, since he pitched in Game 5. Yanks still have all the advantage in the world to win. Despite AJ. 2 2

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