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ALCS 2012: Can I get a replay?

I know I’ve been giving Robinson Cano a hard time since the playoffs began, but the umpires seem to really hate him this post season.


Cano safe at first


How in the hell did Jeff Nelson miss this call?

Whew – those are some terrible calls, and Cano was involved in both them.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  More to the point, I love that MLB moved aggressively to add the second wild card team but just can’t seem to adapt instant replay, which is even funnier because they moved fast on something they should have moved slowly on and they can’t seem to move fast enough on something with the word ‘instant’ in it’s name.  It boggles the mind.  They have the tools, they have the technology… but they’ll be fucked if they’re going to use it.


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