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Jeter's career highlights in LEGO, Jeter's last home game, Giants play away Thursday Night Game of DOOM

Watching these Jeter career highlights in LEGO form is hilarious – I’ve seen these clips a million times, so to see them in LEGO is somehow fitting… maybe because Jeter himself his held together with plates and screws at this point in his life. It should also be pointed out that all of these highlights happened… I dunno, like 10 years ago. That’s kinda sad, no?

Tonight is Derek Jeter’s final home game (weather permitting) and Sunday at Fenway will be the final game of his career. Jeter had a great run and did amazing things, but the last two seasons have been a nightmare for that guy (Jeter is ranked 92 with a -0.2 WAR on fangraphs – yeoch). Oh well – everybody can’t end their career like Mariano Rivera.

Anyway, if there’s no Yankees tonight or you just don’t give a shiz, the New York Giants are playing the Thursday Night Game of DOOM on CBS. The away team always loses this game and, of course, the Giants are on the road.


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blah blah blah the New York Football Giants stink

I’ve put the Yankees in my rearview mirror and hoped the Giants week one performance was an aberration… but it’s probably not. Read the rest of this entry

NY Giants & Yankee fans: Let me know when it's 2015

Now that the Yankees have all been but mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, I shifted my focus to football… only to find that the Giants stink again. Read the rest of this entry

Yankee Fans: Let's give up and watch football

My favorite Yankees blog, River Ave Blues, today lamented that Brett Gardner got thrown out of last night’s contest, which was an "important game." I’ve got to disagree – last night’s game was not important. The Yankees stopped playing important games in 2014 the instant they lost that series to the Detroit Tigers. Read the rest of this entry

Bruno Mars delivers the best Super Bowl Halftime Show in recent memory despite The Red Hot Chili Peppers

The game was basically a snooze fest – we all know that – but the Super Bowl Halftime Show really delivered, despite the programmer’s best efforts. We all understand that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were forced upon us after people whined, so it’s a miracle the thing turned out as well as it did. Sure, I knew Bruno Mars was great, but I’d never seen him perform live, so this was a real eye opener. Even FOX’s never ending quest to drive "Locked out of Heaven" into the ground didn’t ruin the show by playing the opening bars during every single mention of the impending show. Thanks to the heroes at FOX and the NFL, we can’t seem to watch that performance again – indeed, the only videos available on the NFL’s website are stuff no one ever wants to see again. Oh well – maybe next time.

Super Bowl predictions

Here are our Super Bowl 2014 predictions.
Dr Girlfriend: Broncos 24 – Seahawks 20
Jamie: Broncos 21 – Seahawks 14

Responding to Steve Politi's 7 tips for Super Bowl visitors to stay on our good side in NJ

Oh Steve… why’d you do it, Steve? Isn’t Jersey Shore causing us enough trouble? Let’s dig into Steve Politi’s 7 tips for Super Bowl visitors to stay on our good side in NJ, one of our resident’s most recent attempts to make New Jersey citizens look bad.

Read the rest of this entry

Take this Super Bowl 2014 merchandise – PLEASE!


This New Jersey CVS is trying to unload it’s Super Bowl merchandise as no one is buying it. I don’t know why someone at the NFL thought us locals would want this crap just because the game is going to be played in the Meadowlands.

Verizon gets to say "Super Bowl"

As you’ll notice every year when the Super Bowl rolls around, advertisements will mention the "Big Game" and not specifically the Super Bowl. This is everywhere – even the highway traffic signs in the greater New York Area (where the 2014 Super Bowl is hosted, ya’ll!) aren’t allowed to say Super Bowl. But, apparently, Verizon is. I guess Verizon and the NFL are cozy. Not a big deal, just the first time I’ve seen a corporation (that’s not Pepsi, at least) mentioned in the same proverbial breath as the the Super Bowl.

Understanding Why The Red Hot Chili Peppers Were Added To The Bruno Mars Super Bowl Halftime Show

Initially, Super Bowl 2014 (yeah, the Roman Numerals can suck it – I’m calling the Super Bowl by year now) would feature a halftime performance by Bruno Mars, but apparently, folks complained and those involved caved to the pressure. Now, the animated corpses of The Red Hot Chili Peppers will join Bruno Mars on stage because this is big business. Let’s break it down!

Read the rest of this entry


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