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Yankee Stadium Beer Prices

In case you’re wondering how much two imported beers cost at Yankee Stadium in 2009…  well, now you know.   Don’t ask me why I saved this receipt.

Let’s have some popcorn! (At Yankee Stadium)

After losing last night’s game and therefore the series to the Toronto Blue Jays and falling back to 5.5 games behind the wild card chase, the Yankees season feels over.

So let’s head out to Yankee Stadium and cheer ourselves up with junk food!


Yes, it’s the official Yankee Stadium popcorn tub, retailing at $15 and weighing in at over 2000 calories!  However, if you’re with a party of seven and everyone wants a snack, it’s actually a good buy…  But if it’s just you and a friend, it’s over priced and will probably give you colon cancer if you eat the whole thing.   It’s the snack version of the 2013 Yankees.

Oh hai Ticket Master… No seriously, I hate you.

I purchased 7 Yankee tickets yesterday for myself and my family (because we just can’t wait to see the 2013 zero run differential Bronx Bombers) via the Yankees Fan Ticket Exchange, which is basically just Ticket Master selling the same ticket a second time and recouping the same obnoxious feeds again, but unfortunately, Stub Hub just didn’t have any tickets that met our needs. Here comes the pain:

In this scenario, I’m Marsellus Wallace and Ticket Master is Brett. I desperately need a Jules…

Because business is about making money and nobody can stand when anyone gets a piece of their action, the Yankees and Ticket Master got together to create the Yankees Fan Ticket Exchange. Just like Stub Hub, you can post the tickets you purchased for resale on this site and ticket master will resell them for you – which is who you most likely bought them from in the first place and paid obnoxious feeds for said privilege.

Anyway, here are the feeds I paid:

a service charge per ticket at $7.10 for a total of $49.70
What could this possible be for? I have no idea. I purchased these tickets via their website, so it’s not as though someone helped me and I took up a half hour of their time. This is just blatant robbery – a company charging a fee because they can and you can either pay it or not purchase the product. That’s all this is.

a delivery & handling fee for order: $4.95
Yeah, they delivered the tickets to me via email… an automated system created virtual tickets and emailed them to me. The process probably took five seconds and was generated off a piece of code somebody wrote maybe ten years ago. This costs five bucks? Awesome, Ticket Master – that is just awesome.

So yeah, over $50 in fees! And I thought the parking fees at Yankee Stadium were out of hand – jeez! But there it is. In the future, I’ll need to plan this out better and hit up stub hub instead!

Strike them down Jules! Strike them down with great vengeance and furious anger!

Understanding the drop in Yankee Stadium Attendance and YES Network Ratings

On June 14, 2013, the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled, "Do Yankee Fans Just Want Stars?" Though the article points out other possibilities,it deliberates the most for the the drop in Yankee Stadium Attendance and YES Network Ratings to be the absence of players like Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. I think that’s a piece of the puzzle, but hardly the whole story.

Let’s look at some quotes from the article:

Through [6/12/13], the average ratings for Yankee games on the YES Network were down 38% compared to the same period last season, according to Nielsen figures.

The drop is even more remarkable when you consider that last year’s ratings were the Yankees’ lowest since 2003.

The Yankees are drawing an average home crowd of 39,103, still the fourth highest in baseball but a 6% drop from what it was over the same period in 2012.

The Knicks, Nets, Rangers and Islanders all made the playoffs this spring, which gave the Yankees more competition for eyeballs than usual, even with the Mets being such an eyesore.

The Yankees also may be victims of their own success. They won more games last year than any other team in the American League, did so with most of their stars on the field and yet still ratings and attendance fell. Has winning become so dull and routine in the eyes of some New Yorkers that the Yankees need to lose more?

There is a third question lingering here, though, and for a team looking to cut payroll and get more out of its farm system, it’s an inconvenient one. Do the Yankees need a team loaded with big-name stars? Because the most noticeable thing they’ve lacked this year are their most recognizable players: Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, who have been injured along with Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson and a bevy of others.

There’s a ton of stuff in there, so let’s list it:

  1. Every greater NYC winter team but the Devils made the playoffs, so there were other sports to watch besides the Yankees.
  2. The Yankees have won too much over time, so they’re not interesting.
  3. The Yankees are missing many of their biggest starts and no one wants to watch nobodies.

These are all interesting points. (Not all good points, but interesting ones.) I’m sure lots of sports fans were distracted by the first playoff series win by the Knicks it about a hundred years. The idea that the Yankees win too much and that’s why people don’t watch (they take it for granted?) is ridiculous. When teams are winning, they generally sell more tickets and attract more viewers, not less. The idea that people are waiting to go to their one game a year until Derek Jeter returns is, I think, a fair premise. Jeter is enormously popular and the idea of going to a Yankee game and not seeing Jeter is like the Yankees home uniform missing it’s pin stripes.

Now, wander back into that previous paragraph and not that I phrased that sentence as follows: "The idea that people are waiting to go to their one game a year until Derek Jeter returns is, I think, a fair premise." That’s my theory on Yankee Stadium attendance drops – Yankee fans go to maybe one game a year, and over the last 10 years, it’s just gotten more expensive and right now, the product isn’t even great.

So how much does it cost to go to a Yankee game? Here are the 2013 prices for Bleacher Tickets.

Full Season Price

Partial Season Price

Advance Price


Game Day Price

That’s the price range for bleacher tickets. Bleacher tickets! The worse seats in the house (hell, they’re really only half a seat as they have no backs!) can’t be had for anything better than $13, and that’s the full season price if you sit in the worst possible bleacher seats they have – not to mention the fact that the bleachers are further back in the new stadium than they were in the old building. I can remember the tickets being as little as $8 each, and that can’t be going any further back than the early 2000s.

Back in my bleacher days, we used to drive in from Bergen County, NJ via the George Washington Bridge. Scrapping the money together for the toll was no big deal, but these days, Jersey season ticket holders better be ready with a small loan to pay the $12.00 (eastbound only) toll ( E-ZPass discounts: $9.50 peak hours, $7.50 off-peak hours). The ferry is even more expensive, and then you have to park. Going back ten years again, parking was also around ten bucks, but check this out:

Facility Location Type Per Game
161st Street Garage * 161st Street Self Park $35.00
Ruppert Plaza Garage * Macombs Dam Viaduct on Jerome Ave Self Park $35.00
River Avenue Garage * 950 River Avenue Self Park $35.00
153rd Street Garage 153rd Street Self Park $35.00
Surface Lots:
153rd Street Lot River Avenue & 153rd Street, Bronx, NY 10451 Valet $48.00
151st Str Lot – North 111 East 151st Street, Bronx, NY 10451 Self Park $25.00
151st Str Lot – South

Harlem River Lot

100 East 151st Street, Bronx, NY 10451

Major Deegan Expressway & Exterior Street

Self Park

Self Park



Harlem River North Major Deegan Expressway & Exterior Street Self Park $25.00
Major Deegan Lot Major Deegan Expressway & Exterior Street Self Park $25.00
Harlem River South Major Deegan Expressway & Exterior Street Self Park $25.00
Gerard Avenue Lot 1011 Gerard Avenue and 164th St Buses/Valet $138.00/$48.00
River Avenue Lot 750 River Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451 Valet $48.00

Yep, that’s right – you can’t park for less than $25 these days. That is nuts. I recommend bus/subway transportation. It’s slow, but it costs half as much.

Let’s not even talk about how much it costs to eat or have a beer at the game – except to say this: $12 Blue Moon – just so you have any idea.

At these prices, how can they expect anyone to go to more than one or maybe two games a year? To spout a cliche, the bottom line is that most fans have been priced right out of the ballpark.

As for the decline in YES ratings… uhm… Kim Jones, I guess. They should have worked harder at retaining Kim Jones. Meredith Marakovits? PSH!

The Big Bat Still Stands


Its great to see that the big bat from old Yankee Stadium is still standing.  But, it’s starting to look like crap.  It’s time for the Yankee brass to put somebody on a lift with some duct tape as the hand grips are starting to fall off.

Win Streak Turns To Losing Streak


I went to today’s game (my first this year), but I didn’t have the magic and now, the Yankees have lost two in a row and their first series in a long while.

My bad.

Anyway, it was still a great day at the ballpark despite the poor pitching.  Still, $12 a beer is a bit excessive.

Yankees May 2011 Wrap Up


May was a bit of a roller coaster ride for the Yankees.

The month of May, 2011 began promisingly enough as the Yankees finished off a series win against the Toronto Blue Jays, which finished up the home-stand on a positive note. Then the Yankees went to Detroit and the wheels came off – or maybe I should say the arms came off as they dropped 3 of 4 while we watched Eduardo Nunez through the ball all over the place. But, when the Yankees got to Texas, the bats came out, and we got Derek Jeter‘s mythical 2 home run game, which seems to have quieted the “Derek Jeter is finished,” media machine – at least for now… for some reason, hitting .264 in May is much better than hitting .256 in April – although I must admit, hit at-bats do look a lot better of late.

Then the Yankees came back home and experienced The Home Stand of Tears, dropping 2 of 3 to the Kansas City Royals (current record 24-30) and getting swept by the Boston Red Sox. Wow. Swept by the Boston Red Sox at home. That was a tough one. Yet, despite the rough patch, the Yankees are in first today by one game over the Monsters from Fenway.

Then the Yankees split two games at Tampa Bay (and they really should have won that first game), swept two games from the Baltimore Orioles (two game series are a waste of my time!) and then took two of three from the lowly Mets at home (current record 25-29). The Blue Jays came to Yankees Stadium and this featured another Yankees series win, including a come from behind extra innings win (pie style) that I feel this team desperately needed.

The Yankees flew out to Seattle to face the Mariners and gave up leads to lose the first two games and salvaged the final one before flying to Oakland to take on Hideki Matsui and the A’s, taking the first two games, including a gem by Bartolo Colon, and here we are, at June 1st, waiting for Game 3 to start later today.

So what did we learn this month?

The Yankees can’t bunt. Seriously, enough with the bunting. Nobody on this team is any good at it. The Yankees need to either start working on this in BP or just stop doing it. Last night’s failed suicide squeeze that resulted in Nick Swisher being tagged out in a run down was embarrassing – almost as sad as the fact that Brett Gardner and Derek Jeter can’t bunt; considering they have no power, they both need to add this trait to their game ASAP, or at least stop doing it, but this in between crap needs to stop.

Curtis Granderson is a golden god. Obviously. I was soooooo happy when they traded for him, and although last year was a tough start, my girlfriend very kindly ran out and bought me a Grandy-Man t-shirt in May of 2010, which makes us both look like geniuses now. Unlike Russell Martin, I don’t expect Granderson to slow down.

In praise of Bartolo Colon. Where would we be without this guy and his fastballs? His low pitch counts keep him in games late, giving a bullpen that is teetering on over use a bit of a breather. The Yankees need to protect this guy and give him an extra day’s rest any time they get a chance.

Losing streaks are inevitable. If you saw a lot of the New York papers (cough Post, cough Daily News) insisting that the Yankees blew their chance to bury the Red Sox, I tend to disagree. The Red Sox (not to mention the Rays) struggled early, and the Yankees hadn’t struggled yet. It was bound to happen. It could happen again. It’s a long season and there are many ups and downs.

Derek Jeter isn’t Derek Jeter anymore, but he’s hardly terrible. I don’t have any plans to build a statue to the guy on my front lawn, but I refuse to kill him in print the way so many have done. But then, this is another good example of what happens when you let Randy Levine meddle in negotiations.

Phil Hughes… ugh. Can this guy get through two consecutive seasons without spending major time on the DL? I know he’s still young, but he’s not that young anymore. Is it time to stash Hughes in the bullpen for good? I’m not sure, but given the Yankees appeared shortage of starting pitching, it’s a tough call. If you don’t believe in Freddy Garcia, I can’t blame you, but is Hughes really a better option? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what he has when he comes off the DL.

Take a look at the Yankees June schedule; it’s a tough one. Red Sox, Angels, Rangers, Rockies, Indians… if they’re still in first on July 1st, it’ll be a miracle.

Yankees Win Rubber Match Against Blue Jays

I watched as many innings of the Toronto Blue Jays three game set with the Yankees at the Stadium, but my schedule just wasn’t baseball friendly this weekend.  In any case, here’s what I saw:

The Good:

  • Brett Gardner has caught fire!  I think he must have hit .500 last week.
  • For a patch work starting pitching rotation, things are going pretty well.
  • The homers keep on coming!
  • My fantasy baseball team won!  I’m now 2-2 on the year, and I’ve made the team better… try to do a comprehensive post about this soon.

The Bad:

  • If Freddy Garcia is going to give up homers to the likes of Jose Bautista… I can live with that.  Not good, but not Fug-Ugly.
  • Derek Jeter hit another zillion ground balls this weak, but he’s at least hitting over his weight. Bad, but not Fug-Ugly.

The Fug-Ugly:

  • Pitching to Jose Bautista any time runners are on base.  JUST WALK HIM!
  • That Francisco Cervelli‘s sacrifice but with no outs in the 3rd inning after Brett Gardner walked on four straight pitches.  Who’s idea was that?  Why would you sac bunt with your fastest guy on 1st with no outs in the first?  WHY?!?

Kevin Millwood opted out of his minor league contract.  From the reports I read on this guy’s stuff down in the minors, we aren’t missing anything – and this dude must think his waste smells like ice cream.  As far as I can tell, he has no other offers, but that could change…  If Sergio Mitre gets hurt, maybe the Nationals will grab Millwood…

Yanks and Chi Sox split 4 game set

When two teams get together and play a four game set, I would bet on a split every time – yet the Yankees should have took three out of four against the inferior Chicago White Sox. Let’s take a look at the series using my The Good, The Bad and the Fug-Ugly style. I heard that Mark Teixeira was sitting for game four just as a precaution to rest his sore shoulder, but I don’t know why The Captain sat for that game, too. Maybe just a scheduled night off for Derek Jeter? Or Joe Girardi is hoping a rest will jump start his bat? No idea. However, I think it is only a coincidence that the Yankees scored a million runs on the night Jeter wasn’t in the line up.

The Good:
The Starting Pitching – sure, you can argue that the Chicago White Sox aren’t the best offense in the league, but they’re far from the MLB leading worst run scoring San Diego Padres, who have only managed to score 70 runs on the young season. In case you’re wondering, the Yankees have 126 and the White Sox have 103 – the Cleveland Indians lead MLB with 129 and the St Louis Cardinals lead MLB with 136.
So yeah, the Yankees starting pitching blew my mind during this season, performing well above my expectations. We got two stellar eight inning performances from AJ Burnett and Bartolo Colon, and CC Sabathia had a fine night while any time Ivan Nova doesn’t get his ass handed to him, I call that a victory. If you’ve already started building a statue to Colon on your front lawn so you can leave offerings at it before each of his starts, I don’t blame you. Finish that shiz! =)

The Bad:
The Offense – For an offense of the Yankees caliber, a shutout is pretty hard to accept despite who is pitching on the opposing side. And yes, I know they got their hits in last night, but it sure did take long enough. But, Nick Swisher finally got the home run column filled, so maybe he’ll start hitting… wait, did he hit it right handed or left handed? Please tell me he hit it left handed, because he’s been so bad against left-handed pitchers so far this year…

The Fug-Ugly:
The Bridge to Mo – They only had one chance to get the ball to Mariano Rivera, and they blew it. I’m not worried about Rafael Soriano going forward, but it’s time to pick it up. Blowing leads against the White Sox at home is not acceptable!

The Yankees have Toronto coming in this weekend – hopefully, the Yanks pitching can keep the Blue Jays homers to a minimum.  Also:  Francisco Cervelli returns to the roster tonight!

Break It Down takes on Yankee Stadium

The National Geographic Channel’s Break it Down goes to work on ripping down the old Yankee Stadium – stuff doesn’t blow up, but it’s pretty epic…  except when they clean out the toilets…  toilets are less epic then tons of concrete and steel hurtling toward the ground.  The episode debuts on Thursday, April 28 at 10PM.


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